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Welcome to a game where you can have limitless children just so you can constantly bum money off of them.
Comment from : GrayStillPlays

Reamae The Narrator
Comment from : Reamae The Narrator

Unitedpotato plays
Look into the icon thing me where Starbucks
Comment from : Unitedpotato plays

Tough Tiffany
Im from lithuania o god-
Comment from : Tough Tiffany

marijuskinas pupuliškinas
Yo I'm just like #Killme from Lithuania
Comment from : marijuskinas pupuliškinas

Isn't this basically bitlife?!
Comment from : ITZCLASSIC

Rangga SatrioYudho
Me playing in simulife
First Name:kennard Darren

Comment from : Rangga SatrioYudho

Biswajit Bora
Comment from : Biswajit Bora

Čia Marius
Im from lithuania
Comment from : Čia Marius

None of these guys want to have kids... where do I find one?
Comment from : TheSaffronSimmer

Domantas Vizgirdas
My name is domantas my country is Lithuania labas that's hello
Comment from : Domantas Vizgirdas

Boi Player4
Comment from : Boi Player4

Vaiva J
Im from Lithuania
Comment from : Vaiva J

Lithuania was finally noticed
Comment from : BubbleTeaCat

Merly Almonte
Cmon play this game seriously
Comment from : Merly Almonte

Timeja Gr
Well, suicide rates in Lithuania are really high so her name is accurate af :DD
Comment from : Timeja Gr

Okay according to his adopted child NAMES I am now scared of gray having a kids......
Comment from : I ADORE PARK JISUNG

some thing
Your boring videos are bad stop making videos
Comment from : some thing

Cherry HT
#KillMe died in 2069
Comment from : Cherry HT

Austin Cooksey
this is bitlife but pumped up a lot
Comment from : Austin Cooksey

AnimeKing #1999
Everyone died
Comment from : AnimeKing #1999

Isla Mackintosh
It’s like BitLife?😂
Comment from : Isla Mackintosh

Aronas king
I m from lithuania
As is lietuvos

Comment from : Aronas king

Lu Animations
0:42 fun fact!
Lithuania has the highest suicide rate in the world :)

Comment from : Lu Animations

Julija Kaupaite
Yes this name iš very common Lithuania

ITS not i know because im in Lithuania right now

Comment from : Julija Kaupaite

Luckii Cat
This is a rip off of BitLife
Comment from : Luckii Cat

Malachy Murphy
Bruh I had a seizure I looked at the auto clicker lol
Comment from : Malachy Murphy

Michelle Hogan
so this is bitlife, but on absolute crack
Comment from : Michelle Hogan

Becci TheRainbow
Gray "I'm gonna get a seizure when I look at the screen"
Also Gray "Let's make all of us look at it for ten seconds straight tho"

Comment from : Becci TheRainbow

Dan Kaezarr Tamayo
I know a life simulator in mobile its BITLIFE
Comment from : Dan Kaezarr Tamayo

Mr. Outlaw
2:12 Let it be known that, while Gray is trying to make the worst decisions, he still has a heart.

Frickin coward.


Comment from : Mr. Outlaw

11:00 R.I.P. Zander the Tiger
1 like= one prayer for Zander

Comment from : Iceman

7:49 it’s not Porsh, it’s Porsche
Comment from : Iceman

12:38 I did what now??
Comment from : SeniorShampoo200

DylanK25 _
4:46 Damn. All things considered I'm not sure if I feel lucky or hurt to be abandoned by the worlds worst mother
Comment from : DylanK25 _

wilde word to the world tv
I am from Lithuania and I am offended please change
Comment from : wilde word to the world tv

Gamez Fliper
Like who ia Lithuanian

Gray thats rude i am from LTU

Comment from : Gamez Fliper

nappy headed sayian
I cant take the baby's seriously becuase of the names😆😆 diet Pepsi really
Comment from : nappy headed sayian

Matthew James
He just says is to casually too 4:30
Comment from : Matthew James

ItsRonald Sean
Play bitlife
Comment from : ItsRonald Sean

Christine Hancock
Let get a f for dylan
Comment from : Christine Hancock

Allie Labarre
Diet pepsi xD
Comment from : Allie Labarre

@graystillplays where can i get this game
Comment from : N

Becoming a THOT is illegal apparently, whelp time to redeem myself.
Comment from : Kusogaki

Avery Nickerson
Comment from : Avery Nickerson

Dakota louis
Comment from : Dakota louis

Is this dude Lithuanian?!
Cause' I am!!

Comment from : M&M-Matthew

Maja Pelus
I’m from Lithuania ! That’s cool 😎 and my name is Maja.
Comment from : Maja Pelus

Sauliukas Butas
As a lithuanian I know that :( is a common surname.
Comment from : Sauliukas Butas

Yes No
Comment from : Yes No

Y8 Kid
Comment from : Y8 Kid

Afro Mxgic
My name is Zander
Comment from : Afro Mxgic

YOLO_Dabber ! 2
Wow another knock off of BitLife! Still sick video though!
Comment from : YOLO_Dabber ! 2

Johnny Motors
If the lottery would be the same in real life.

In the end, the mother died without taking any wealth with her. Sadly, in real life world most of the people think that they will get the wealth with them to the next world (Heaven or Satan's Cemetery) 😂

Comment from : Johnny Motors

Nardia Sutton
How els wants to see GrayStillPlays bitlife....

No one...

...just me....okay...

Comment from : Nardia Sutton

Gugisa Gugi
I am from Lithuania
Comment from : Gugisa Gugi

Bruh even if I live in Latvia I'm happy he mentioned one of the Baltic States
Comment from : Klipy

Er Nestas
rly lithuania i live in lithuania
Comment from : Er Nestas

Layla Leeann
Who wants gray to play BitLife

Comment from : Layla Leeann

Nathan Barker
you changed my name to george Washington
Comment from : Nathan Barker

My name is at 4:49
Thank you so much! 🙂

Comment from : ICE V FIRE

No ones gonna talk about him still working as a prostitute, while he’s pregnant with all these kids 😂💀
Comment from : ItsGodoy

Sarah Slytherin
George Washingmashine
Comment from : Sarah Slytherin

Elze Bal
As a Lithuanian, that name is quite popular here
Comment from : Elze Bal

Roe Camangyan
This is literally me. 4:01
Comment from : Roe Camangyan

Veronica Dinh
this is literally bitlife💀
Comment from : Veronica Dinh

Cat And Dog Pics
I'm from Lithuania 🇱🇹
Comment from : Cat And Dog Pics

Peyton Collins
roDEEo drive
Comment from : Peyton Collins

johny jongkindt
The ex soviet block is much like florida except colder, more unforgiving, and with tigars and bears instead of large reptiles.
Comment from : johny jongkindt

as a lithuanian i can confirm this is exactly what happens here
Comment from : faıry

Marta Steinmetz
This also sucks😡😡😡😡😡
Comment from : Marta Steinmetz

Rage Rabbit
Im from lithuania 😔😔
Comment from : Rage Rabbit

Jess Housley
Gray: If I look at this I'm gonna have a seizure
*leaves it on the screen for me to have a seizure

Comment from : Jess Housley

Your character is suffering fro(m) Graytism, it is a very rare condition given to a character that you play as Gray. It makes them hate their life and wanna die.
Comment from : Spectre

Darren Helman
So in this game is heart attacks and dying in your sleep genetically connected?
Comment from : Darren Helman

Saucey Boi
Try bitlife
Comment from : Saucey Boi

This is essentially bit life
Comment from : OouHunny

Jessica Pena
Why when I play this game do I have no options to make terrible chocies
Comment from : Jessica Pena

What do you want to be when you grow up?
The thumbnail: I WANNA BE A PRINTER!

Comment from : MosaiTemp

Why everyone say if person unahppy hes must be from Lithuania.. :(
Comment from : DoVyDaS

Apply for a job

Comment from : FÅÅGEL

Cwcoc withrow
How did I go from acdc to graystillplays you may ask. GRAYS ACTUALY A BLACK HOLE PULLING YOU IN. GET OUT WHILE YOU STILL CAN
Comment from : Cwcoc withrow

Hunter Wright
Comment from : Hunter Wright

Jobs: Sailor, Bank Manager, P R I N T E R
Comment from : RxzorR3

Hiendar Inenkoray
5:25 CAPTAIN Jack Sparrow
Comment from : Hiendar Inenkoray

Streamer Cookie99
Finally i found a youtuber who said the name Lithuania :)
Comment from : Streamer Cookie99

Rey Skywalker
12:00 when do you have the mind to come up with these names
Comment from : Rey Skywalker

Deimante Naudziute
Lol I’m from Lithuania 😂
Comment from : Deimante Naudziute

Saulius Arbocius
Im from lithunia :(
Comment from : Saulius Arbocius

Isabel Parra
You died in the future
Comment from : Isabel Parra

INVAISONgaming2 /Sonic geek
Comment from : INVAISONgaming2 /Sonic geek

Haroon Hassan
Comment from : Haroon Hassan

When an option is so wild even Grey doesn't choose it, you know it's wild.
Comment from : QazwsxrfvT

Childish Gamer
you died in 2069 XD
Comment from : Childish Gamer

Night Alpha
The stranger that sat next you in the theater name was Owen Kelly. A boy in my 6th grade classes name is Owen Kelley....

This game is f-air horn- physic.

Comment from : Night Alpha

Lord OfBaltic
I am from Lithuania
Comment from : Lord OfBaltic

Noah Nerrr
So funny
Comment from : Noah Nerrr

Devin TheGachaBoi
0:55 wait, that is my nam-
Comment from : Devin TheGachaBoi

Slither-face Anims
Downloading rn
Comment from : Slither-face Anims

Mitchell TheGreat
Man, I sure love working as a


Comment from : Mitchell TheGreat

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