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childishmafia childishmafia
Just letting you know I hit last night in Georgia cash 4 night draw. 3014 hit and with your system I picked 0134. It’s only $200 but I’m very grateful. Thank you!!!!!
Comment from : childishmafia childishmafia

Rumah Kertas
Comment from : Rumah Kertas

Marvin Mcpherson
Comment from : Marvin Mcpherson

Dom Ward
Is there anyway to narrow down the search for the actual number after you circle your date sum and hit sum numbers? I'm doing the methods and still end up with over 15 number combinations.
Comment from : Dom Ward

Ingrid’s Family
hello again me I have one question I make this strategy for japan number 4 lotto and come out set of 4 numbers 6 time and other set 3 times its that mean something?
Comment from : Ingrid’s Family

its me
I have try this but nothing come out from the result 😥
Comment from : its me

Ingrid’s Family
this strategy is just for USA lottery?
Comment from : Ingrid’s Family

Oche Oscar
Got my account recoverd through Eric_hack1 on IG he's 💯 legit
Comment from : Oche Oscar

Sunnii Ablia
i dont understand when you say date sum numbers what are you looking at in the date?
Comment from : Sunnii Ablia

Jeff Sawtelle
What's the date sum??
Comment from : Jeff Sawtelle

David Jamir
Hi ma'am I'm from Dimapur Nagaland India ma'am in my city lottery ticket are playing 5 digits numbers ma'am please tell me how to get five digits numbers to get for first price ma'am. thanks for your trick ..
Comment from : David Jamir

So a rundown is better for a whole week.
Comment from : JXN139

Mahesh Chaudhary
You Ada Bodho tahu because 1st you seen the first prize number and than you find the code number.
Comment from : Mahesh Chaudhary

Josgoodenough Goodenough
Thanks for ur teaching us how to get digit from mirror digit,but anyway,i will try it....
Comment from : Josgoodenough Goodenough

Roca Brooklyn
What does date sum mean??? She circle the numbers of the date sum.
Comment from : Roca Brooklyn

Paul Brown
This is super neat!
Comment from : Paul Brown

excellent graphics
I only tried the pick 3 system and I always win the lottery in Ghana. 1-90 lottery balls. I am going to give a try at this one also and give the feed back soon. Thanks
Comment from : excellent graphics

Thomas Thomas
from Arkansas been trying to find out been looking at the number past 10
Comment from : Thomas Thomas

Prediksi Ahlinya Ahli
Comment from : Prediksi Ahlinya Ahli

Prediksi Ahlinya Ahli
Comment from : Prediksi Ahlinya Ahli

Hey how come the date sum equals 1?
Comment from : Aleisha

nafeesha williams
Can u help me trying to figure out what to play for 6208 date 7/12
Comment from : nafeesha williams

Blyjo Blyjo
this is it...and goodluck
Comment from : Blyjo Blyjo

jumbopaperz TV
How is the date sum 1
Comment from : jumbopaperz TV

I filled both boxes but can you please let me know what you mean by the date sum the one I’m doing is 6/30/19
Comment from : Ace

eulalee gray
How to get date sum
Comment from : eulalee gray

James W Bates
So what does it mean that the number that came up had nothing to do with my circled date sum #'S??? I had 5418 as my # (the 1 was one of my circled date sums) and 5408 was drawn (none of the 5408 matched my circled date sums) so I missed out on $5,000 by picking the 1 because the 1 was one of the date sum #'s. Just bad luck?? I will say though that using this method seems to work. I always see the numbers drawn in one of if not both my boxes... I'm just picking the wrong # "s LOL
Comment from : James W Bates

Silva Kiran
Can you do for Wisconsin. I haven’t hit for a long back in WI
Comment from : Silva Kiran

What do you mean Mirror number... iam confused
Comment from : Jules

Kelli Miller
Date sum? What is that?
Comment from : Kelli Miller

Jason Wallop
Glad your back!
Comment from : Jason Wallop

Idont Know
Can't wait to be that big winner
Comment from : Idont Know

Crystal Clear Scratcher
Pretty cool
Comment from : Crystal Clear Scratcher

Vikas Sivantharaj
I like urs trick plz give same trick for pick 5 and 6 game for any lotery in this I can ply
Comment from : Vikas Sivantharaj

Nunyo Bidness
Wow, a LOT of views on this one. I wonder why?
Comment from : Nunyo Bidness

Daily life's
l won 1 million in this super teach
Comment from : Daily life's

Tyrone williams
how did decide the mirror number would be 1
Comment from : Tyrone williams

Chili Nachos
I calculated the Date Sum to be; 1+2+1+9+1+7 = 21 = 3 not 1. Is this done correctly?
Comment from : Chili Nachos

john visperas
how/ where do get the date sum?
Comment from : john visperas

petros tshitulamuvumo
Hi I would like to know how did you generate 3578, or how to calculate those numbers I’ve been trying and am failing to get .I thought you add up all the numbers that has come out on the previous result???
Comment from : petros tshitulamuvumo

Evan Jones
Once you started circling I got lost kinda
Comment from : Evan Jones

Kansas City Reception
Thanks for the video , it helped out alot . Is there a way u can look at my numbers to help choose which ones i should play for tonight game? I played this morning and chose all the right numbers except 1 now i need help for tonights
Comment from : Kansas City Reception

Vincent McRae
Good evenings...wanted to know if the date is single digit, do you use 7 or 07 on calculation?
Comment from : Vincent McRae

Adithya B
Wow its great tricks post more for 4 digit lottery
Comment from : Adithya B

Best Grandma
I have a question can you please do a video using New York Numbers🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼Thank You
Comment from : Best Grandma

I am lost
Comment from : Its13reezy

Yusrizal Yus
Wow thank ......
Comment from : Yusrizal Yus

codiciosa tigre
2nd win from my mirror draw !!!! it would have been my 4th win last week, but i didn't study my number box and on one draw i forgot to play a night draw. Loosing is a part of winning big
Comment from : codiciosa tigre

How you get the date sum?
Comment from : MrELREY ELRey

Tarsha Webb
Could you please do some lotto strategies for Tennessee bc their patterns are weird sometimes?!
Comment from : Tarsha Webb

Kimberly Blunt
I know someone who use this strategy and they hit everytime
Comment from : Kimberly Blunt

codiciosa tigre
This strategy really works !! , i tried it for the first time and saw the number the number that came up
Comment from : codiciosa tigre

Asia Williams
I can’t get my numbers to mirror help me please
Comment from : Asia Williams

Prabal Jaki Banjar
Could you make one video for the Louisiana please?
Comment from : Prabal Jaki Banjar

Hi Dear. Texas has played 4 games of pick 4 per day. What would you do ? Thanks
Comment from : THUCLINH NGUYEN

Nunyo Bidness
You know she’s good-looking just from her voice
Comment from : Nunyo Bidness

aurea ortiz
I don’t get it after you do the number boxes 🤷🏻‍♀️
Comment from : aurea ortiz

nur ardila santi
Very dififult
Comment from : nur ardila santi

Bajlur Rashid
Hi can i contruct with u about lotary??
Comment from : Bajlur Rashid

Liagiba Gomez
Que pasa con mi musica y videos
Comment from : Liagiba Gomez

Donna Edwards
Hi do you have one for new york?
Comment from : Donna Edwards

Donna Edwards
Hi do you have one for new york
Comment from : Donna Edwards

Brandon Pingarron
The Lottery Date Sum for 12-19-17 is 12 plus 19 which equals 31 and you choose the ones digit which gives you the date sum of 1.
Lottery Date Sum of 12-20-17 is 12 plus 20 which equals 32 and you choose the ones digit which gives you the date sum of 2!

Comment from : Brandon Pingarron

Brandon Pingarron
Can someone explain finding date sums?
Comment from : Brandon Pingarron

Artee Crafts
will this work on 6 digit?
Comment from : Artee Crafts

jesse amartey
What is mirror number?
Comment from : jesse amartey

jesse amartey
What is mirror number?
Comment from : jesse amartey

Roberto Loco
if the date is 01-01 then the sum date is 02 so. i will drop the 0 and use the 2? right?
Comment from : Roberto Loco

SuperSatan666devil 1st
Best of luck!
Comment from : SuperSatan666devil 1st

Aminul Islam
please can you told me. what i put toaday 30.01.2019.this lottery drow Bahrain.0123456789this 10 number in win number 3digit.same like.....26.01.2019 win(115).27.01.2019win( 083).28.01.2019win( 273). 29.01.2019 win (744).what's win 30.01.2019=please i wait your for you...
Comment from : Aminul Islam

Magic Johnson
Sooooo how many times have you won?
Comment from : Magic Johnson

Nandagopal Loganathan
Put a video for Kerala India it will be useful to India Kerala lottery
Comment from : Nandagopal Loganathan

Kelsey B
is there a hot number app for apple ?
Comment from : Kelsey B

Shea Hinton
Can you do an updated version of this Pick 4 Strategy - Mirror Number Lotto Strategy for OHIO PLEASE
Comment from : Shea Hinton

john son
i want to say you something my dear please delete your video and make new method to find 4d prediction okay and find new way please
Comment from : john son

rental solution
Comment from : rental solution

rental solution
First the good news, Christmas day i hit all 4 any, too bad i only played for 50 cents. Last 2 mid day draws i hit back to back, missing only 1 number to get all 4 any. i got first 3 any, then i got last 3 any. One last question is. The mirror method how long is that good for, also. + and - date and hot sum. That is good for how long. That will be it for the questions.
Comment from : rental solution

Draw numbers? Are you hey on the ticket? What are they?
Comment from : BlackTonia

David Williams
For Jan the 1st, would I add 01 to the 1st day of January ?
Comment from : David Williams

The Magpie Eye Art Studios
Who invented these strategies like mirror numbers etc? It’s It’s fascinating the way lotto MathWorks and I don’t know who invented it or how they invented it does anybody know?
Comment from : The Magpie Eye Art Studios

Dominique Thomas
How is the date sum 1?
Comment from : Dominique Thomas

Marcus J. Walker
Using this strategy is your date sum always going to be apart of the winning number?
Comment from : Marcus J. Walker

Faizane madina Broad cast
up coming draw is on jan1/19
Comment from : Faizane madina Broad cast

Faizane madina Broad cast
thanks very nice video I need your little help we have a lottery system in Pakistan it is same like pic 4numbers the draw is every 2weeks and if you match all 4 numbers than you win the big prize.
the past results for last two draws were 6562on dec3/18and 8176on the 17dec18 now the up coming draw is on jan19 I am wondering if you help me out using your strategy to figure out what would the next 4 numbers in up coming draw on jan19 I will really appreciate your help in this regard.
buz I am not that expert in calculations so I don't wanna do it on my own.
your are very expert in these calculations and be able to figure it out with out any mistakes. so kindly help me out in this regard.

Comment from : Faizane madina Broad cast

I tried this strat.ppl it worked on the first day I tried it..I won not in order but any order and won $460 for $8 played..if I had won in order =$10,000.00.Thanks.
Comment from : FIRESTORM

bricky trade
Hi Iam in Australia 🇦🇺 and want to know how do I choose no on Tattslotto I have to pick 6 no and 2 sups or main no how do I use your strategy??
Comment from : bricky trade

Brian B
Some of you all are not using any common sense. Man, reading these comments it is painfully evident to me that people will fall for anything. they have you in the payouts, they short you and do not give you what the true odds demand thus you will always lose. Your mathematical odds of winning do not change, the balls don't know what was drawn last time and don't know what will be drawn next. so you might as well base your pick on scrambling up your last cholesterol numbers, your PIN number, etc. .

The bottom line is that it is a random event. There IS a way to win consistently with a fixed payout...I do pick 3 box (hits more often so I can keep the bankroll smaller), and that's due to the fact that no lotteries have a maximum number of tickets you can buy, so if you have a decent bankroll, sticked to a solid system of tracking bankroll versus invested and calculating upside you can wait out a difficult streak. However if you simply play a random number you are guaranteed that in the long run you will lose far more than you win.

Comment from : Brian B

mark singh
one last question, if the date sum is 20, which number would you drop, also. how do formulate the numbers. from the mirror method, will it be evening to evening, evening to mid day. i am very close, either i am missing by few days, or numbers getting mixed up, by day and night. The numbers are in front of me and i am just not seeing it.
Comment from : mark singh

keisha kitt
Are you in Georgia
Comment from : keisha kitt

I can't find your hot number video
Comment from : Firstlady

r miu
The strategy works bcos from where i am located, the wining numbers are there sometimes 4 of them! It's just that i am suck in picking the patterns. The patterns changes each draws. Been using this since August 2018 without hitting the correct pattern! Will try until end of December 2018!
Comment from : r miu

Mark singh
also to ask you, would you pick the previous night drawing or previous day drawing to, formulate the numbers for the following mid day and evening, please advice
Comment from : Mark singh

Mark singh
what is a date sum could you please explain, which number you drop 1st or last
Comment from : Mark singh

Hey guys I just wanted to let you know that this really works I've won 3 times in a row it really works no lie I won on first try
Comment from : dotie81

Thank You!!! You’re Brilliant!!
I love your formula! You remind me of my late brother he was considered a genius, before he joined the Marine Corps Intelligences he went to college with a scholarship in Physics..
He was a true brainiac!

Comment from : wild2peaceful

Qlife Klinik
I have trick to win pick 4 missouri lottery if you want you sent me via whatssapp +6281332785347
Comment from : Qlife Klinik

This strategy doesn’t work anymore
Comment from : lilbam19

Hi, I just found your video. Will you please give me the possible Georgia Cash 4 number for the next draw. Thanks
Comment from : Misic52

David Williams
For the date sum of Dec 1 would I add 12 + 1=3 ? Or just start with Dec 1st ?
Comment from : David Williams

Would you get the date sum for the next day or for the current day or the date sum for the next day
Comment from : K G

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