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Crazy Microbiologist
I love her
Comment from : Crazy Microbiologist

ALDO & Mary
Onde assisto dublado alguém sabe mim dizer?
Comment from : ALDO & Mary

Abby Hendrickson
Anybody notice the interpreter signed damaged? When Interpreter should say "spinal cord is not torn.". Did not give this video a thumbs up because not impressed with interpreter. Pretty cool seeing Lana sign. Saw her in Once Upon A Time tv show, loved it.
Comment from : Abby Hendrickson

Lana Parrilla has one of those smiles that can make a rainy day sunny again like OMG she’s amazing
Comment from : LexiLexi

Xiara Cordero
Explain why there's 2 dislikes
Comment from : Xiara Cordero

Where can I stream miami medical?
Comment from : jwes0424

lau mrnc
I saw all the shows of Lana played, she is so talented and amazing
Comment from : lau mrnc

Aisha Sheikh- Alzour
Lana's the best 😍😍😍😍
Comment from : Aisha Sheikh- Alzour

Melissa Williams
I absolutely love, love, love Ryan Lane. He is such an amazing actor. He is also incredibly cute and handsome.
Comment from : Melissa Williams

Melissa Williams
I looooooove me a lot not some Ryan Lane. He's so cute, handsome, sweet and nice.
Comment from : Melissa Williams

Mary White
From the experience I have the signed language was alright.
Comment from : Mary White

Clifton Frederick
Bless nurse lady can ASL to young boy.🤗🤗💞🤗🤗
Comment from : Clifton Frederick

Matalia Rose
Ryan! Agh. Love him
Comment from : Matalia Rose

Ryan Lane actually did have a serious accident when he was 19 that nearly paralyzed him, and his symptoms were similar to this clip <3
Comment from : sweetlife031

Alaina Tensai
Omg it's Ryan Lane!!!!
Comment from : Alaina Tensai

Faith Anne Lequigan
I watched this before on Facebook, I never knew Lana before and now I know her well, watched OUAT. And going back to this made me say ''Oh! that was her?!'' God, I never knew I'd be addicted to this woman.
Comment from : Faith Anne Lequigan

Christina Le
Lana could be on grey's anatomy oml
Comment from : Christina Le

Carter Gonzalez
Is there anything Regina Can't do?!
Comment from : Carter Gonzalez

Megan Donovan
This guy also played a deaf kid on House MD with Jennifer Morrison (Cameron) as his doctor. I love this show but it never airs in the U.K anymore 😟
Comment from : Megan Donovan

Caitlin Smith
Ethan's name was spelt wrong he spelt it E-n-h-a-n
Comment from : Caitlin Smith

OUAT Lana parrilla 6
I just love her so much 😄😝
Comment from : OUAT Lana parrilla 6

OUAT Lana parrilla 6
I love Lana parrilla😍 she is so perfect
Comment from : OUAT Lana parrilla 6

Heather Bainum
As if I couldn't fall in love with Lana even more?! I'm actually a medical interpreter myself and watching her attempt at signing was so cute...and kuddos to her getting a legit interpreter lol! Oh and for addressing him as such and a translator ;) love this!
Comment from : Heather Bainum

sammy431 _
It's interesting watching this again after taking ASL for two semesters. Automatically thinking about the signs that should be used. But it's not that bad tbh.
Comment from : sammy431 _

Miley Heeley
Anyone know where to watch full miami medical episodes? :)
Comment from : Miley Heeley

k silva
what is this episode?
Comment from : k silva

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