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Coolie Mango
Heres the problem with this. when you look up these bonds you need to to log in. you cant look just pulling up the content. I went on and made a guest account. I put in my social or birth ceritifcate number and viola... all related bonds entered amounts and other info. it came up when i entered the details the cusip line said: you must have an account to see the cusip. So, this is a frustration or if anyone here has found a way out please share....
Comment from : Coolie Mango

Free Man
Comment from : Free Man

Mr Edwards
how u no your cusip letter that suppose to be on the back of your sexy card
Comment from : Mr Edwards

John Smith
Have you ever heard of court case numbers being converted to Cusip numbers and sold on the bond market?
Comment from : John Smith

Court cases have CUSIP numbers including the birth certificate which is also a bond. Congressional documents show that every State would be paid 1.8 million for each live birth. This is based upon the Social Security Act of 1935 and then the Alien Registration Act of 1940. The "notes" that we use as currency are bonds based on human slavery and trafficking.
Comment from : Sovereign17

O. S.
There is no link to search for a CUSIP number
Comment from : O. S.

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