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I love your dresses and your style; not to mention, you’re easy on the eyes. As New Yorkers go you’re actually pretty cool. Yes, that was a compliment. The rest is the rest.
Comment from : NothingMaster

Ryan Trimble
Hey, thinking to take my wife to ny for bday, 1 overnite stay. Looking for indoor pool & spa, and great view. Any suggestions?
Comment from : Ryan Trimble

Dawne Abdul Al-Bari
Sarah ~ This is an awesome video! Your content is spot on! Shared on LinkedIN ;->
Comment from : Dawne Abdul Al-Bari

Hannah Rose Reviews
My favorite NYC hotel is in Greenwich Village, is only $100 per night, and it was the first place the survivors from the Titanic stayed. It's called The Jane. I love that place!!!
Comment from : Hannah Rose Reviews

Great and super informative! Your way of presenting really makes this a no 1 video!
Greetings from Sweden

Comment from : P-O

Edwin Juan Muñoz Moran
Todavía la ijaeputa. Una ves en mi presencia se quiso suicidar la ijaeputa pero. Sobrevivió. Es lo que te comento mi ser
Comment from : Edwin Juan Muñoz Moran

Justin Crompton
Paper Factory was sold is now owned by "The Collective" from London and includes a nasty $23/night resort fee.
Comment from : Justin Crompton

Jennifer Walsh
Amazing thank you so much for the info !
Comment from : Jennifer Walsh

I found an AirB&B for $50 a night on the upper East side of Central Park :P
Comment from : Krissy

Bakhtiar Bak
Thanks for recommendation really appreciate
Comment from : Bakhtiar Bak

I stayed in New Jersey city in an airbnb for $40 a night. It was amazing. We just walked 5 minutes to the path train across the Hudson and then we were in downtown NYC in 20 minutes. Saved a lot of money and we got to spend more on experiences and food!
Comment from : up4life20

Tom Smith
Hmmm please ppl there are many other hotels that are wonderful and cheaper .. and if you are like me I bring my car so check for garage parking The Manhattan of time square has parking and is so much cheaper
Comment from : Tom Smith

Johan Herrera
Hi!! I'll be visiting NYC next year with my wife. We'll fly from San José, Costa Rica to JFK airport. I found a good place to stay (I hope so) in Flushing Queens. I'd like to know what you think of this place. Is it a good spot to start our one week trip, is it a safe place etc?
Comment from : Johan Herrera

Thumbsup for the chick
Comment from : tintuu

There are cheaper options. The average suggested here is for more upmarket hotels
Comment from : py2007

Christine Lewis
Hey Sarah! Thank you SO MUCH for INSIDE tours of these recommendations. I'm doing research to try to bring up to 12 breast cancer survivors to New York City for a fun cancerversary style weekend (my favorite photographer is moving from Texas to Jersey, and I want to keep her - - so we'll just go to her). I LOVE the idea of staying in the Manhattan area, but I know it can be expensive. You cut out a lot of work for me by saying where these hotels are near. This vacation is meant to be for a glam experience, and I LOVE almost all your choices: The James Hotel because it's near the WTC and SHOPPING, the Giraffe hotels because of the symbolism of Giraffes and what they can mean to us as survivors, and I think the Library Hotel is my absolute FAVORITE from your reviews. I don't want my 12 ladies to feel overwhelmed, and they can relax and read during some down time while still enjoying NYC - - plus it's near Grand Central, Times Square, and SHOPPING. Could you recommend a vacation package for breast cancer survivors? Oh, also, do any of these hotels have a place to meet for a larger group (for seminars, or conventions - - for future reference?)
Comment from : Christine Lewis

Glow Makeup Studio
you are recommended average of 450 per night... misleading the title of the video.
Comment from : Glow Makeup Studio

Isabelle Hewes
I stayed a day and a half in New York for New Years Eve cause it was my birthday and we stayed in Queens at a Howard Johnson’s
Comment from : Isabelle Hewes

Rollie Brown
Comment from : Rollie Brown

The subways.
Comment from : KlearChristal

Blake Willis
You mention that these Hotels you recommend at less than $350 per night. Very misleading indeed! I've checked some of these hotels and they are $900 a night.
Comment from : Blake Willis

Stay at a hostel for $50. Otherwise, sleep on the couch of a random hotel lobby.
Comment from : Pahanin

Christopher Fausz
Was curious if there is lodging with views of Statue of Liberty 🗽 and wondering if anyone has lodging on boats directly on the water with views of nyc skyline
Comment from : Christopher Fausz

I was thinking the Millennium or the Paramount? $180 a night in August. I like to have a bar/restaurant within the hotel.
Comment from : douglashammon1

G Money
Her make up is REALLY bad!! Ages here. You can already tell she in her mid 30s, pushes her to her 40s. But she does do a very good video and is an amazing host! Not fan of the make up at all though!
Comment from : G Money

Diarmaid Mooney
What's it like there in first week of december? Is it worth going there for Christmas shopping? Any Christmas market?
Comment from : Diarmaid Mooney

justme yo
Sarah Funk, real NY super hero
Comment from : justme yo

Hi Sarah, where did you buy the yellow dress which you were wearing at the Paper Factory Hotel? What’s the Brand?
It is awesome 😍😍😍😍

Comment from : Va2018!

M Mercado
All yall looking for something around the 100$ range thats super clean and safe: West Side YMCA guest rooms. I can always depend on them being super clean and safe (they actually recently refurbished everything a year or so ago!) you get free wifi, fresh towels, clean sheets and beds. Its great for students or for groups (they have some rooms with a bunch of bunk beds for up to 6 people if youre traveling in a pack!) The bathrooms and showers are in a common area style that are hotel key access ((great privacy)) and if youre lucky to be assigned to a room on the outer side of the building facing the street you get a gorgeous view of central park with the sunrise in the back! Good luck to anyone visiting nyc! Have fun up there!
Comment from : M Mercado

What is the designer of your dress? Gorgeous complimentary colors of golden yellow-orange an blue flowers. it's nice to see women wear fashionable dresses, and not just jeans.
Comment from : Karen

Charles Wolf 4
Thank you for the tip about Airbnb!!! I had no idea about this service and found a nice place for 80/d in Manhattan!! Not sketchy with 50+ reviews! :)
Will use referral code!

Comment from : Charles Wolf 4

Rogelio Correa
You are sooooo beautiful
Comment from : Rogelio Correa

FoodieGal 99
I typically stay at the Gallivant. A single room (small, tiny bed) is about $125-$170 a night. These petite rooms have balcony options with no extra cost. It’s in midtown Manhattan- which is perfect for me. It’s walkable to everything I want to experience (Broadway, Central Park, museums, etc). It’s literally 2 minutes from Times Square. This is only recommended to those who want the touristy experience lol.
Comment from : FoodieGal 99

Is this a Sponsored video? Would be nice to state so if it is.
Comment from : R M

Stephanie Stearns
I stayed at the Holiday Inn/Chelsea for $100 a night in mid January of 2018.
Comment from : Stephanie Stearns

Linda Milliff
Sounds great! Can I park my car at any of these options and leave it there for 3 days while I explore the city?
Comment from : Linda Milliff

Mum Blic
title : "without going broke" ... then show $200 hotels ??
Comment from : Mum Blic

Hi, i want to stay in the Paul Hotel, can you please give me a recommendation for this hotel?
Comment from : Cruizpr

Senate Transportation Services NYC
Excellent advice on where to stay, how about ....how to get from the airport? Book your round trip car service from JFK, LGA, EWR AIRPORT and SAVE 20%. Meet and Greet Airport Car Service. We will meet you in the baggage claim area with a smile and a sign with your name!! senatetransportationnyc.com
Comment from : Senate Transportation Services NYC

Wow, I clicked on this thinking I might learn about some budget hotels. The first 2 options - The Paper Factory and the James Hotel - were certainly NOT budget!!! So, not worth watching anymore.
Comment from : N S

Clyde Ng
Ended the video as soon as I saw the price.
Comment from : Clyde Ng

Ken & Shan
Comment from : Ken & Shan

Leon Ngo
It's $990.48/night .... Are you kidding?
Comment from : Leon Ngo

When you say stay out side the city, what area's should I be looking at? Safe to walk around anytime with two teenage girls.
Comment from : DEE FEARS

Jennifer Hobson
Um, these are all still redic expensive! I just booked the Westin in Times Square for $300 a night
Comment from : Jennifer Hobson

I was hoping that the Library Hotel would be located in Manhattan :D
Comment from : Arthur&BusterBFFL

Adrianna C.
I stayed in a super nice two queen size bed hotel room in Manhattan for $150. Split between 3 of us, $50 a night 😊 this was in May.
Comment from : Adrianna C.

Ghost of Reagan
Those places are nice. Expensive, but ok for a vacation
Comment from : Ghost of Reagan

Yaneth perales
Had no idea about the math museum
Comment from : Yaneth perales

Patel Vidhu
Air Bnb is better and affordable. It also helps you to connect with locals. Hotels are really costly.
Comment from : Patel Vidhu

Brendan Alimony
Cities are designed for the rich, time to abandon ship.
Comment from : Brendan Alimony

how are prices on sep and oct comparted to jan?
Comment from : carlosagc

Joe Thomas
Giraffe Hotel stay is going to cost you $400 per night
Comment from : Joe Thomas

paul noble
am staying the double tree hilton any good?
Comment from : paul noble

Katarzyna Siarka
I adore you <3
Comment from : Katarzyna Siarka

Mandy Rivers Design
The Carnegie Hotel is a music themed hotel that is only 3 blocks away from the South end of Central Park, directly across the street from Carnegie Hall, and also includes a complimentary wine and cheese hour each night. About the same price range as the above mentioned...maybe even a little less. I do believe that you have to go elsewhere for a full bar experience. We haven’t stayed there yet, but are booked to stay very soon! I’d love to go to some of the hotel restaurants/bars that you have mentioned here during our stay. Thank you for all of your awesome videos. You are our NYC go to. 😉👍
Comment from : Mandy Rivers Design

Just stay at that tiny hotel for $30 a night lol. its right by chinatown and alot of other good stuff
Comment from : AntiqueAncestry

Vicente Zavala
I loved your tips
I wished I watch your videos before my trip to NYC oh well thanks a bunch

Comment from : Vicente Zavala

Kevin ツTM
Love your vids, very easy to listen to and great photography!!! love from 🇬🇧
Comment from : Kevin ツTM

Angelica Armendaris
Hey Sarah how many days can I stay in the first hotel?
Comment from : Angelica Armendaris

SayWhat IThink
At Sarah's house
Comment from : SayWhat IThink

Mark Halim
She’s right! January is dirt cheap in NYC. And if you are traveling internationally, airplane tickets are also pretty reasonable roundtrip!
Comment from : Mark Halim

Sarah, Its not fair that you continually tease us with plunging neckline!
Comment from : caduceus33

Aero Mundos
Thanks for sharing , looking for a hotel already for my 2019 NY visit , 3 very good options.
Comment from : Aero Mundos

Fateme Ekbatani
Could you please tell me where are the best places to go for new year eve? It's my first time after 29 years I can see NY :)
Comment from : Fateme Ekbatani

Awesome video, thanks!
Comment from : immitable

Roger Ohayashi
Great video but im going broke with these prices :(
Comment from : Roger Ohayashi

Mridul Begwani
I think backpacker hostels are cheaper than all these hotels and are of really good quality. Plus you get to meet new people so what could be better
Comment from : Mridul Begwani

Clicked for the poppin dress top, stayed for the tips and cool production. The view to subscriber ratio on all these videos is insane.
Comment from : blondre3000

Less than 100$ ?
Comment from : tushar223

رافع الرايه
I love your show .. so i will folow you 😏
Comment from : رافع الرايه

Hello people,
I‘m planing a trip to NYC, in Summer 2019. Now I‘ve written all activities which I can do, even the prices from the must eat dishes and all the attracions :). So, my last issue is „AirbnB in NYC“ I‘ve read some articles that to rent a whole accommodation is illegal but to rent a private room is legal. Has this law topicality?
Now, my last question to the New Yorkers, which quarters are safe? I don‘t know cause most people think New York is so unsafe that at daylight somebody could shoot at someone. I don‘t know if it is only a clishe in Europe.

Greetings from Germany, you‘re the best NY vlogger and guide on YT, thank you

Comment from : Agha

Francis Din
Amazing videos! Thank you, these videos definitely helped me plan my trip to New York this November-December 2018! Thank you so much!:)
Comment from : Francis Din

You're channel is pretty awesome!
Comment from : teamjo

Molly Funk
Excellent advice
Comment from : Molly Funk

Bread & Toolups, with caouffee?
Comment from : RadioNul

If I actually followed this video I would be broke asf, I just go to the bx
Comment from : erminrad1

Nick Yad
Comment from : Nick Yad

Prince Tiger
all the hotels you mentioned i call them and they were all between 350 to 560& a night?? i would like to find one between 150 and 250$ a night if possible? thanks
Comment from : Prince Tiger

Oreo Emesis
Pssst everyone...if you don't want to AirBnB or stay at a hostel, but desperately want to stay in Manhattan - you can snatch some serious winter deals in UWS and LES/Chinatown. Now you're not gonna get wine and cheese, but you know, sacrifice.
Comment from : Oreo Emesis

Madison Rurak
Moving to NYC next month! I'm planning on staying at an AirBNB for a week or two until I find an apartment. Any tips on how to find an apartment? Is Craigslist semi-trustworthy? I would love to have roommates!!! Instant friends! Looking for a place that close to or easy to get to Lennox Hill.
Comment from : Madison Rurak

Misung Park
I am going to New York in less than a month. Where could I find a place that is not more than $260 a night (3 people) and still in the city and is a decent place to stay? We have booked our nights at Americana Inn, but maybe you know better places? If not, still fine. Thank you
Comment from : Misung Park

😂 'Complementary cheese & wine' by the hotel are no replacement for sitting at a bar for a few drinks. You want cheaper? Choose whatever hotel / airbnd and get your own from a supermarket/bodega.😂
On the more fractical side, I wonder how many rooms are available at the lower price range in this video (each hotel '$200+' so whats the next price if all the 200 are booked...).

Comment from : einat1622

Joanne Saulon
Hello Sarah, I checked all of the links you provide but all are showing higher room rates.. no one got below 250usd..
Comment from : Joanne Saulon

Couldn’t stop staring at Sarah’s arms lol is that weird?
Comment from : lazerbud

I actually appreciate these NYC videos so much
Comment from : XProShopperX

Logan Yang
Great info. One small suggestion, could you include the list mentioned in the description section? It will be easier for the viewers to keep track.
Comment from : Logan Yang

Geron Hol
I’m your fan. Thank you very much for your videos. I’m tourism guide in Ecuador in Ecuador, but I’m living in New York. Is there any this that I can help you here?
Comment from : Geron Hol

jeremy western
NEVER give hotel staff a tip...if you REALLY have to then scrunch up 3 or 4 dollar bills and hand them over...it looks like a wad but is not 😎
Comment from : jeremy western

Go Sun Devils
I was able to get a private room in Brooklyn on Airbnb back in July for $62 a night out the door. It was in a working class area but the area is not that bad and it definitely was safe walking from the subway station to the apartment at 3am.
Comment from : Go Sun Devils

...Airbnb is illegal in NYC. how did that not come up in this video?
Comment from : HelenKellerCouldUseMyTwoSense

Scott Tilden
Come in January and freeze your butt off. I would not trust anything on AirbnB for under $200.00. night. Anything else is going to be very much a dump. Save some more money and stay in a decent hotel.
Comment from : Scott Tilden

The library hotel averages about $350 a night. :/ The others were quite expensive too. If you really want to stay in NYC for cheap, I recommend staying at one of the YMCA's, or another hostel.
Comment from : Kirsten

Simòne Esse
I thought u were going to tell us nice airbnb, those hotels arent cheap
Comment from : Simòne Esse

Luckson Olibrice
Please do Minnesota
Comment from : Luckson Olibrice

i got a trip to nyc for my birthday, and i’ve been binge watching your videos ever since! these videos are amazing!
Comment from : trash

30 And A Wake Up
Great info. I am moving to NYC and had no idea what neighborhood to live in. I decided to stay in an Airbnb for my first year so I can move around and check out the different neighborhoods. While the info wasn't exactly what Im doing -- it gave me so interesting alternatives.
Comment from : 30 And A Wake Up

Christina Furlow
Well you can always stay in Jersey. Hotel rates are way cheaper.
Comment from : Christina Furlow

A vacationer who visits NYC in January must be aware of the severe limitations the weather will have on your trip. I live in the NYC area and this year there were stretches of days when I did not bother to go outside. Just too cold. Or the icy conditions will make walking treacherous. Save your euros and come when it is warm. Besides, our economy needs the cash infusion that only $350/nite rooms can do. You can save money by visiting another American city; Big hint: the best American cities for visitors are on the coasts. The interior cities are rather boring.
Comment from : titaniumsandwedge

Chrysostomos Papademetriou
When I was looking for options to stay in New York, Airbnbs didn't look good comparing with Airbnbs in other cities around the world ... I was expecting New York's Airbnbs to be much better
Comment from : Chrysostomos Papademetriou

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