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Aus gov is fucking low iq take some yang people ya fucking brainless wankers
Comment from : K Ò Ó L O F E V I L L U K

Complexed Mind
In 1968 the government held a referendum that the people voted against. The Government passed it despite this.
My question is, why did the people allow it?

Comment from : Complexed Mind

Complexed Mind
Your first statement regarding different considerations is incorrect, Australia has only one constitution. Pbrb
Comment from : Complexed Mind

Ill explain this in two words.

Its fucked.

Have 7mins back.

Comment from : B G

Adrian Hepburn
Amazing how my comments get magically translated across multiple channels but the point is this:
A Sovereign People deserve a Bill of Rights.
We derive those rights by virtue of our existence. Those Rights are Inalienable.
And once a person understands that they begin to live their birthright.

Comment from : Adrian Hepburn

Adrian Hepburn
So basically the Australian Constitution ought not be obeyed because there is no Guarantee of Individual Rights.
The British Crown has no legitimacy in this country.
A Bill of Rights word for word for the American Constitution ought be followed.

Comment from : Adrian Hepburn

Adrian Hepburn
Point of reference 1688.
Comment from : Adrian Hepburn

Adrian Hepburn
Still waiting on the Bill of Rights in this Soliloquy.
Comment from : Adrian Hepburn

Adrian Hepburn
The young are so naive.
Comment from : Adrian Hepburn

Bailey Franklin
Vote labor
Comment from : Bailey Franklin

john smith
Thank you sir for this explanation
Comment from : john smith

Tash Matunga
Is it acentuó ir the micrófono?
Comment from : Tash Matunga

Adrian Hepburn
Two volunteer firefighters just lost their lives fighting fires in NSW.
Others were seriously burned.
All were heroes.

Comment from : Adrian Hepburn

Danica Rizo
The audio sucks and you sound like bored, like you hate the topic. I don’t mean to be rude but I felt asleep, and I had to see it three time so I could get what you were saying.
Comment from : Danica Rizo

I State as Fact as a British Subject and Member with (1) one share in Company of The Commonwealth of Australia, that all Judges, Magistrates, Lawyers, Police, Governor-Generals, Attorney-Generals and Politicians, have at Law a Requirement To Take Oath of Office for Allegiance to Crown of King David. NOT an Oath of Office for Allegiance to Crown of British Accreditation Registry (BAR), where they are unaccountable for their actions and have changed your Legal Status to Resident Alien (A-Lien) Subject Slave due to our unlawful , unconstitutional foreclosure. see cirnow.com.au and learn how you are being screwed and remedies
Comment from : redpillbill

Adam Dettman
If you want to keep your real constitution take a look at THE GREAT AUSTRALIA PARTY A.K.A THE GAP.
Comment from : Adam Dettman

Adam Dettman
Their not following the real constitution of the commonwealth of Australia 1901 Act they operate as a defacto Republic
Comment from : Adam Dettman

Angela Coombs
This video is heck
Comment from : Angela Coombs

Dylan Tanner
Awesome video man
Comment from : Dylan Tanner

Still don't understand heelp
Comment from : Gøner

foggle boggle
we need to break away from these royal families and from BRITIAN for good
no waiting till they get on feet no waiting for them to say its time or when

Comment from : foggle boggle

Comment from : RandyClassicCarsFan

Emily Bouchet
Comment from : Emily Bouchet

Kasey Knowles
We had fake little courts in humanity’s and I was accused of stealing a headge trimmer 👌🏻👌🏻
Comment from : Kasey Knowles

Whats a seat?
What's an electorate?
What's a cross bencher?
Good vid but politics for dummies like me need it broken down even more.

Comment from : J H

paul pauls
And yet that all aside who would vote for a party that has had more than a few pedophiles and another one caught recently and this. Labor slammed for opposing mandatory jail time for pedophiles
LABOR is blocking compulsory jail time for child sex offenders in a move that will put more pedophiles on Australian streets, the government says. we know why now and a bloke running for PM that has had an alleged rape case against him my god who would vote for a party like this. I wonder how many people out there no this because if I just found this out i certainly would change my vote

Comment from : paul pauls

Wipe Out Israel
Australian politics explained:
Destroy your own country at the orders of, and for the plans/interests of Israel.
Rinse repeat.

Comment from : Wipe Out Israel

Shawn Mancey
Do not vote for the liberal and clive palmer because palmer is the new donald trump
Comment from : Shawn Mancey

Martin Vu
This year there are a lot more people registered I think it has to do with the younger generation.
Since the same sex married vote the younger generation registered just to vote on that topic and now if they don't vote they get a fine.

Comment from : Martin Vu

Martin Vu
The government should put some videos on YouTube to explain how the voting system works for state and federal election.
Comment from : Martin Vu

Rain G
Sorry but this how it used to be we are controlled by the un now thats why we follow the agenda 2030 policies we will have a refiredum to be come a republic under labour or lib then we become a state of the un then it will give us a new set of laws and a new constitution
if you take time and read ageanda 2030 we are screwed you young people here need to pay close attention to the politicians don't belive what they say watch there actions.
They haven't even told us about agenda 2030 all countys have got this agenda 2030
the farmers are dying we will be importing all our food here is the facts.
why the planet is warming from co2 from us driving our cars and using coal so we know co2 is making the world warmer look here
but did they tell us that they have been dumping (dry ice is co2) in the clouds since
so the fact is pauline hansin was tell us the truth and she is the only brave person to do so.
please don't let these corupt people controll our gov vote them out and do your own research
our childrens futures depend on you young voters make this viral and take back the power to the voters

Comment from : Rain G

david _
Ur bland and boring
Comment from : david _

murchison link
good video but please speak a little louder and slower
Comment from : murchison link

Luke Cowen
break it down to state and federal politics
Comment from : Luke Cowen

Useless Memes
Good job
Comment from : Useless Memes

The Pie Paterson
Comment from : The Pie Paterson

VManSam Plays
nice video
Comment from : VManSam Plays

Go vote www.strawpoll.me/17631224
Comment from : Infolietix

1 of the BEST VIDEOS about AUS POLITICAL SYSTEM, kindly watch/share the videos that are shared here - www.youtube.com/watch?v=inZUDMGJsKo&t=98s www.youtube.com/watch?v=8jIw22XXSso&t=2s www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZEiZ0j1Jx2M&t=15s www.youtube.com/watch?v=GtGnPiZRB50 www.youtube.com/watch?v=q5IYkf-DyF0 www.youtube.com/watch?v=q5IYkf-DyF0 www.youtube.com/watch?v=U-_q47nAZWM www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q55Ap2wJN5k www.youtube.com/watch?v=JGIxJhyhNb8 www.youtube.com/watch?v=78wE42-lI70 www.youtube.com/watch?v=aAkMpSRml7U&t=475s www.youtube.com/watch?v=MEpWfDrNMkU
Comment from : S M

This video sucks. Wish someone would do a video like this - just much better.
Comment from : iReece07

MILLION THANKS MATE!!!! Helped my civic project in school so much!



Comment from : Horizon585

Raise the audio bit rate in future or get a better mic, your voice is heavily distorted and it takes away from the video
Comment from : Pyrohawk

Garry Martin
A mob of wankers and gangsters do not care about the working man they only care about what they can get from Australia with their millions dollar super it's a disgrace
Comment from : Garry Martin

Cody Shi
So the Australian legislative branch is kind of similar to the US. But who has the power to sign the bill if pass in the legislative? How is the Governor General able to rise to power, are they appointed by the monarch of UK or eleceted by the legislature?
Comment from : Cody Shi

mark ward
Read the pre-amble of the Republic Referendum, 1999. We DO NOT live in a Democracy. Seriously, READ THE PRE-AMBLE. We live under a Socialist system.
Comment from : mark ward

Vanessa Shaw
Excellent information and really well put together. Unfortunately I found the audio frustrating and the commentary spoken too fast to effectively absorb the information. Would love it if you’d redo the commentary
Comment from : Vanessa Shaw

reg reg
Australia, the 'lucky if your corrupt country' where UN controlled Government sells off National assets to the lowest bidder, if you have an opinion that is not totally left and gay your a far right extremist.
My tax money pays for the livelihoods of migrants who look at me like I'm their problem, while overpaid and undereducated social justice morons aggressively pursue minority 'rights' at the expense of the whole community, while corrupted socialist university's produce unhinged cry babies who's 'education' is a bunch of leftist echo chambers on the internet!!
This country's a pathetic shell of what it used to be.

Comment from : reg reg

Chris Gold
No one believes the corrupt government anymore
Comment from : Chris Gold

Chris Gold
Multi cultural Australia has failed and the people are paying the price Africa’s gangs terror on our streets
Comment from : Chris Gold

Chol Akuany
My people, remember, always stick to history and makes us good humans today. My name is Chol Akuany, a former lost boy of Sudan who is highly concerned on global issues but less of family once. So, why the heck am I saying hi. Our World lack subtance...What happened to our great A thropogical vitues and values? What happened to science? How about love, something that makes humans liht up? Dear Ophra, you may have millions sister but our Dinka Bor got more. My people, if respect was a sticky pin, I would stick one on each one of my Dinka people.
Comment from : Chol Akuany

Brendan Day
Tbe branches should be separated
Comment from : Brendan Day

Brendan Day
I hate australia
Comment from : Brendan Day

Chris Gold
This guy is a robot left wing rubbish
Comment from : Chris Gold

Chris Gold
The most corrupt nation on earth
Comment from : Chris Gold

Chris Gold
First the Australian corrupt gov is no longer representing the people but a corrupt UN refugees system and needs to be replaced
Comment from : Chris Gold

Bald Bearded Bloke
YouTube should have more videos like this.
Comment from : Bald Bearded Bloke

It still seems ironic that the party that considers itself 'so smart' actually gets most of it's votes from the uneducated (liberal). Educated Australians are more likely to vote labor or third party.
Comment from : ADerpyReality

Why are pencils issued to voters on election day considering PENS are supplied in Banks and Post Offices and all official documentation MUST be signed in INK Plus a refund from the ATO (which must be signed in ink) is crafted in such a manner that it deletes the possibility of interference to claim a greater amount than specified. Furthermore, this country was founded on criminals from 1788 to 1850 and not much has changed since then except now the criminals are in Parliament and there have been many examples lately. However, the greatest injustice of Australia was in 1975 when all parties committed TREASON by allowing the Lima Declaration to be signed by Labour Senator Don Willesee (during the Whitlam era) when it was part of the GATT agreements. In fact, Australian Politicians are the weakest most stupid bastards on earth and there are too many examples to mention however Australia is supposed to be a democracy but it is actually a dictatorship because if you don't vote you will be fined plus there was NO referendum on signing the LIMA DECLARATION, THE GST THE WORK CHOICE LAWS THE 457 VISA and REDICULOUS SENTENCING because the legal system is a joke. Finally, I am ashamed to be an Australian
Comment from : PartTimeTourist

harvey harvey
JAGAland is fucked
Comment from : harvey harvey

Thankyou as a 31 year old im trying to educate myself on how australain politics works also..It was never taught at my school and no one i know understands how it works..tbh ill need to watch this video a couple times to fully understand..i got totally lost at the crossbencher part
Comment from : brwood33

kabir sattarshetty
Good information but your boring as hell. Put a little enthusiam in it man
Comment from : kabir sattarshetty

Chris Gold
Australian government suppresses Christian’s and has removed freedom of religion kills baby’s the worlds most evil nation on earth
Comment from : Chris Gold

Excellent video and info!
Comment from : watchingvids101

Your Neighbour
I have met university students who voted for LNP because they have "Liberal" in their party name so they thought it's a left wing party. And some self proclaimed right winger who voted for labour because that's "the one Pauline Hanson's in". If you think Americans are bad you have to check out Australians. Didn't correct either of them, both side in Australia lacks even basic knowledge in politics, you will probably get away with it by telling outright lies and you will still get votes. Then people bitch about how the country is run when they don't even know who is who in the zoo.
Comment from : Your Neighbour

Paul Kollar
The Australian Government is not the Commonwealth Government ( the de jure, real, Government) We are being lied to. The Australian government is a foreign based corporation.
Comment from : Paul Kollar

Elysia Hayley
good video but you speak much too fast!!
Comment from : Elysia Hayley

Paul Action
Speak up
Comment from : Paul Action

Uncommon Sense *Australia*
Thank you for the informative video. I have been following Aus politics since the start of the John Howard Gov in 1996, I'm now 30 years old and until watching this video wasn't completely aware of how it all works. You seem to have a pretty good understanding of politics, do you think a minor party such as Lyonhelms lib democrats or Corey Bernardis Conservatives could ever win a federal election? There has been a major swing towards minor parties in the senate in recent years as you're probably aware. I'm hoping for a new coaltion as i believe the major parties have lost all credibility and have run their course. Thanks
Comment from : Uncommon Sense *Australia*

John X
Good information, thanks but you missed the rather critical point - that we do not have true democracy.
Vote above the line - donnate your vote to the parties. They will use it as they wish regardless of what you wanted. The may even discard your vote.
Or - vote below the line, and be complled to vote for a number of candidates whom you may not wish to.
Else - it is a criminal offence.
Unlike the members of parliment, we the voter are not allowed an abstention either!
One person, one vote.

Comment from : John X

sebastian k
This sucks
Comment from : sebastian k

Helena Hayes
Thank you from a first year politics student. Only problem is that your voice isnt always clear and sometimes I couldnt make out some words that you were saying.
Comment from : Helena Hayes

Al Loomis
in the first place, oz is not a democracy. and that is why ozzians are ignorant and apathetic. oz is an elective oligarchy, the evolved child of norman bandits taking over england. the civil wars that used to replace one duke with another have evolved into virtual wars, ballots replacing arrows, elections replacing battles. more comfortable for all, but nothing like democracy.
'democracy' means 'the people rule,' and they don't in oz, or britain, or anywhere outside of switzerland. until you understand that, you understand nothing.

Comment from : Al Loomis

loose roo
Every one is hacking on ya mic bro. But im different i dont think its your mike... i think ya speaking at an inconsistent distance ...stay still infron of your mic try not to sway backwards n forwards....i know im late u probably already have a newy
Comment from : loose roo

Ryan LEE
Great Video, 1 point around the 2 minute mark i had to replay the video to understand, maybe a little slower and clearer
Comment from : Ryan LEE

John Clark Kennedy
Good work,but I suggest you speak a bit slower and more fully enunciate your words,as it sounds like you've recorded it with a sausage roll in your mouth. Very poor audio quality,which works against the information you're trying to convey.
Comment from : John Clark Kennedy

accent not clear ... that accent is not australian, just bullshit
Comment from : Den SHERMIL

Carl Senden
Thanks for taking the time to do this. Much appreciated😎
Comment from : Carl Senden

went here to write an essay for tomorrow :)
Comment from : Ice205X

Martyn Davidson
Thank you so much for this video. I'm currently 22 and care a great deal about the future of our world, yet growing up in public school systems, I, nor any of my school friends every learnt anything about our political institutions. You did a great job of​ explaining how it all works.
Comment from : Martyn Davidson

Matt Murphy
Jervis Bay Territory isn't self-governing, it's pretty much run by the ACT
Comment from : Matt Murphy

David Armillie
"... travelled Canberra to represent their alleged what a parliament ..." This is what your CC says at 2 minutes and 22 seconds. The speaker rants softly yet quickly, in a boring monotone that is hard to understand! We want short, easy to understand sentences, please!
Comment from : David Armillie

It was very informative .... 😊
I am new in Australia... please make a video about why in Australia the "Liberal" party is not so liberal as compared to the Labor party?

Comment from : LovaticForLife

Teresa van Lieshout
There was a Royal Commission Report 1986 into the Constitution proving the position of 'prime minister' is not even stated in the Constitution Act 1900, so you really are talking rubbish, sorry.
Comment from : Teresa van Lieshout

Teresa van Lieshout
Australia's vote counting is rigged by the criminal liberal & labor parties, that's what you should say. An invalid male British Constitution violently forced on more than half the population being women & Aboriginal people, used for genocide.
Comment from : Teresa van Lieshout

Al Loomis
don't worry about how the government works, worry about why a nation of nongs lets politicians run the place.
Comment from : Al Loomis

Buck Rodgers
Australian government is full off parisites and thieves why anybody would vote for this shit is beyond me.
Comment from : Buck Rodgers

Trum pet
This is taught, true fact is its 100% fraud the referendum in 1998 was ignored and you not me were treasonously betrayed and the corporation of Australia became a member of the un globalisation agenda costing us billions a year since countless lives lost and our sovereignty and standard of living decayed by design. These reptilians need be hanged, Julia gillard has been charged with treason won't be the last all you politicians are on notice and no quarter or mercy had.
Comment from : Trum pet

Mo’ nonsense
I question how legitimate a government can be if nobody knows how the system works because it isn’t taught. Voter manipulation was completely unregulated until recently. The majority of politicians receive donations, voting is mandatory and failure to vote is punished with fines. Doesn’t seem super legitimate to me.
Comment from : Mo’ nonsense

Zlatko Vuckovic
Thanks for the video
Comment from : Zlatko Vuckovic

GLM Clappy
Try to talk abit more clearer or get a new microphone. Also, speak a bit slower because i couldn't understand.
Comment from : GLM Clappy

Grant Jack
Australians Federal Governments Controlled by Jacob & Evelyn Rothschilds both Active pedophiles who in 1983 met secretly with John Winston Howard, Political Scientist Professor John Langmore, Solicitor Michael Lee & others to formulate a plan to break Unions of Australia and bring privatisation into place. The meeting took place in Newcastle at Hawkins Transport Boolaroo, in the meeting the Sydney Hilton Hotel Bombing was spoken about & Evelyn De Rothschilds made it known that The Sydney Hilton Hotel Bombing was the idea of Jacobs Rothschilds.
Comment from : Grant Jack

Liam Burke
Great video! Very informative and well made.
Comment from : Liam Burke

Raymond Sydenham
Just a bunch of overpaid wankers screaming in a room. Cant wait for cheap ai to take over save every tax payer.
Comment from : Raymond Sydenham

Ali Aljibari
Grateful for the video but get a better microphone and speak more clearly. It sounds like you're slurring throughout the video.
Comment from : Ali Aljibari

We do not live under a real democratic system! We live in a representative democracy which is not a true democracy!
Just because someone is elected to office he or she should not be able to make decisions that affect the freedoms and living standards of the populous!
Australian politicians are a joke and our country is a pathetic nanny state which erodes our freedoms and liberties each and every day!
They know this is an unfair system and that is why they wish to disarm us and restrict our freedom. They fear an uprising!

Comment from : Ronove

Foil Grim Timmy
Good Vid
Comment from : Foil Grim Timmy

Wyatt Family
It would be really fantastic if we had politicians that chose to put the Australian publics welfare before the P.C. agenda put forward by the noisy minority and main stream media. We don't want a "big Australia" it was fine as it was. Now we have 100,000 to 150,000 Australian citizens homeless with an ever increasing price of housing, importing 5,000 people PER WEEK (big business loves more customers) makes this worse, overcrowded hospitals, schools, roads, increasing pollution, unemployment (youth unemployment at 25%), and still they come. No study has ever been done to establish what population this continent can sustain, and still we bring more. Please establish your federal members attitude to immigration and voice your opinion long and loud.
Comment from : Wyatt Family

Grace A. Joy
AUSTRALIAN POLITICS EXPLAINED IN A NUTSHELL: realestate wars via blackmail, Money, Money, Money. lets sell all our resources so America can make more bombs and china can make more plastics. lets cover our island in livestock farms so greedy humans can feed cows x5 the amount humans need so we can have the luxury of red meat everyday. ignore the mentally ill and damn every orphan and abused child a criminal of the state. lets cut federal police funding and misspent welfare so the crime rate rises so we can scoop everyone on the edge of society into our prisons instead of protecting them from the goddam perverts all over this amateur island.
Comment from : Grace A. Joy

Grace A. Joy
Hmmm I would like more options please. How about we break down the decisions and we can all vote and have our say on each one? no? well it is quite lucrative making all the decisions so it would be like shooting themselves in the foot cause the ones making the decisions are the ones going places. ahahaha. no wonder liberal party is winning cause THEY ARE LIBERAL.
Comment from : Grace A. Joy

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