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Alex Longfield
People need to stop saying "he should retire" or "he's taking the place of younger players". So what?! If younger players were better, they'd get his spot. Until he's replaceable with someone better than he is, let the man ball.
Comment from : Alex Longfield

Can he appear on all star weekend and in the 3 points throwing competition?
Comment from : lidek2

Xander Zyrus
VC proves that 90's Era still better than today's cupcake smh
Comment from : Xander Zyrus

Piotr M
Best Regards from Poland I naver think Carter will be soo good for soo many years. I always like him from start carrer for me is the best forever.
Comment from : Piotr M

Diego Herrera
Comment from : Diego Herrera

Amazing, is VC really 42?
Comment from : Lukethewall

Mac-Gustave MULONDA K
Carter should be taken back in the allstar game this season so to close it all in beauty and he deserves some trophy; man this man is basketball
Comment from : Mac-Gustave MULONDA K

xingyue wei
please dont decommissioning😭
Comment from : xingyue wei

Asad Khan
Vince Carter for rookie of the year
Comment from : Asad Khan

Jose Contreras
Tomen perros jajajaja ninguno como Vinsanity !!!👍💪🏀
Comment from : Jose Contreras

Trea must be hype ass hell playin with him.Wish he was in a contending team he could be an X factor in a playoff series.
Comment from : andressvelezz

Roy Rivera Soto
I have never understand how he plays like that every single time he gets the ball and most games his teammates never pass him the ball or doesn't even has a place in the plays. They act like just because he's old he can't get the job done. It's annoying as hell.
Comment from : Roy Rivera Soto

1:10 naruto run
Comment from : ThreeMegabites

Lost Boy
His shooting form is forever underrated
Comment from : Lost Boy

Copy Boy
"Old Man Still Got It" Vince Carter
Comment from : Copy Boy

man wild
Luv to see this shoot again !!!! Damn i miss Kobe
Comment from : man wild

Deacon Mack
Vince is going to show something during playoffs
Comment from : Deacon Mack

Rafiq Dawood
Still Half Man, Half Amazing! Vinsanity at his best!
Comment from : Rafiq Dawood

why would anyone downvote this video?
Comment from : bruh,

42 years young
Comment from : D

Rookie of the year
Comment from : VISHWANK MUSIC

Gaining Ground
#NoDirk VC is hooping on NY dumbass. #hegotgame #onyodumbass #halfmanhalfhighlight
Comment from : Gaining Ground

This Vince Carter looks like he'll have a bright future in the league.👏👏
Comment from : m

Javier Martín
Why's he naruto running?
Comment from : Javier Martín

My favorite player back in the day (along with Kobe) :)
Comment from : Stas

Lee Smoove
42 aint old. Im only 30 and I see why niggas are so saying this. Yall are lazy af and cant do anything. Never reached nowhere this level of athleticism. Im happy for VC. Keep fuckin them hoes nigga
Comment from : Lee Smoove

halfman halfamazing lol!!
Comment from : ユキヤいせ

A legend ❤️
Comment from : tribj001

That verb makes me think of The Rock!
Comment from : MrTitanSword

Spencer German
Be fortunate enough to be able to still be playing at his age, what a blessing
Comment from : Spencer German

Put that man on the dunk contest!
Comment from : Ram

Make Him Obsessed With You
Vince is really really ageless!!
Comment from : Make Him Obsessed With You

Left Foot Brake
VINSANITY lives....
Comment from : Left Foot Brake

This is 42-year-old guy’s movement.
Comment from : 허걱

aries esparaguera
1:11 Carter, waits, takes, and... tits?
Comment from : aries esparaguera

SikWitit Bristol
Last of the mohicans '90s players
Comment from : SikWitit Bristol

one of the highest hardest dunking players ever in the league and still got good knees after all these years
Comment from : NUCLEAR BUM

He looks like he has a couple more years in him.
Comment from : Alan33

Andy Dufressne
I swear this rookie is going to shine!!!!
Comment from : Andy Dufressne

RedPill Island
I could've sworn he retired last year
Comment from : RedPill Island

Baiku Master est 18
Old but gold💪💪💪
Comment from : Baiku Master est 18

Zhestkov Vitia
Дедушка рулит💪💪💪
Comment from : Zhestkov Vitia

Alessandro Donadeo
Just Vince-anity.
Comment from : Alessandro Donadeo

Rahiem Hunt
My boy Ray Allen would be doing the same thing if we was still in the league
Comment from : Rahiem Hunt

Roberto NuncaJamás
What an example¡! What a player¡! What a pro¡! VC 4 decades ...period
Comment from : Roberto NuncaJamás

Christian Möllerfeld
Vince Carter! Half old, half amazing!
Comment from : Christian Möllerfeld

Zupreme TV
I’m convinced this nigga gonna retire when he reaches age 90
Comment from : Zupreme TV

Alan KS
I would not say this is all he can do now, but this is more useful than anything as a bench putting up scores.
Comment from : Alan KS

Z.K Chen
Vince is still teaching young guys lessons
Comment from : Z.K Chen

Just legendary..
Comment from : Karolis

cemil Gaygusuz
Vince carter:Ah.İf i was a teenager.
Comment from : cemil Gaygusuz

Deidade Kalondjo
Comment from : Deidade Kalondjo

We might see the 1st 50 year old basketball player soon.
Comment from : hstone39

6 times on the same spot, 6 threes
Comment from : KyosukeKnight

Just be yourself
Comment from : Just be yourself

Jason Corbin
The greatest dunker in history who transformed his game to be on the best 3 point shooters. HOF!
Comment from : Jason Corbin

Carter shaves his beard to look like a 20 year old again.
Also vince carter: Well time to play another 20 years.

Comment from : textmachine09

Comment from : 宋兆宏

Cheung Sean
Carter looks so old
Comment from : Cheung Sean

Roge B
VINSANITY! from 240p to 4k
Comment from : Roge B

Tomislav Flanjak
Dobri stari Vince
Comment from : Tomislav Flanjak

Love seeing Vince out there killing it🔥a true living legend🙌🏻🙌🏻
Comment from : logan

Fermin J. Padernilla III
Anderson Silva haha
Comment from : Fermin J. Padernilla III

Comment from : 冷凍トッポ

Medicinal Blood
Vince Carter’s charity all-star games in Toronto were the best.
Comment from : Medicinal Blood

Kile Twotown
I'm sad for melo..
Comment from : Kile Twotown

Ale P.
Old man making moves
Comment from : Ale P.

Alen Vidović
He should have gone to a team whete he could win a ring, even from a bench...
Comment from : Alen Vidović

VC going to the Big 3? He still hitting Big 3's in the NBA at MSG lol
Comment from : 2KGrind09

Gabriel GarciaNa
Comment from : Gabriel GarciaNa

Irley 2002
Yes. He still killin'
Comment from : Irley 2002

Trey Moore
Can't wait til VC puts somebody on a poster for his final season 💪😎
Comment from : Trey Moore

Vio Wira Saputra
I like how everytime he scores, he would do a lil naruto run
Comment from : Vio Wira Saputra

Most underrated shooter of all time
Comment from : BigTmusic.com

King Rell
i need a in game windmill this year vince
Comment from : King Rell

Comment from : blitzmatw

George Lapinid
Great to see him still ballin in the NBA.
Comment from : George Lapinid

Carter showing that raptors did a mistake by not signing him
Comment from : m. RIFQY

Kaeden Truong
Retire already
Comment from : Kaeden Truong

Comment from : プーさん

Fun fact: Vince is double the age of Trae Young
Comment from : H H

Daniel D.
He's is still a genius!
Comment from : Daniel D.

VC still the only player I follow since his Rookie year, he's the best image and role model for all players. He never gone to drugs, gambling, domestic violence and any kind of horrific news. He's stayed clean and been a good model to all the youth who look up to him who's most of them are in the NBA now.

Stay healthy VC,.. finish your career on a high note

Comment from : Chrisanity

true_og_ 2345
Comment from : true_og_ 2345

This guy looks promising, if he keeps working on his raw potential, he could take Atlanta to the Playoffs
Comment from : Williumson

Pelvis Wrestley
Vince is older than the coach and Trae Young's dad lmao. This guy immortal.
Comment from : Pelvis Wrestley

Benjamin De Jesus
Vince is forever going to be ageless and a threat because he knew he wasn’t going to have ALL of his freakish athlete once he passed a certain age (even tho he’s still a freak because the man is 42 and is still ballin hard) and he worked on that jumper and its not the best but it looks smooth and his confidence is very evident when he shoots. So many players have just rely on they’re athleticism and forget about working in a jumper that will be comfortable and consistent
Comment from : Benjamin De Jesus

AndroidTV 11
Is he the oldest player in the league???
Comment from : AndroidTV 11

Comment from : OnlyOnline2O1O

Trebreh Nautnip
Meanwhile some younger nba players enjoying retirement
Comment from : Trebreh Nautnip

Rafal Kosinski
Vince dont end your career 💪💪😄😄😄🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀
Comment from : Rafal Kosinski

Ya Boi
His last season should of been with the raptors
Comment from : Ya Boi

Jordan Turner
Lol this the first year Vince carter lookin kinda old in the face👴🏾
Comment from : Jordan Turner

Yeoman's job personified
Comment from : clericbeasty

Christian Bender
Comment from : Christian Bender

rap youtu.be/ebd8bdorcaA

Showtime Mike
Damn Vince is old enough to drink 2 times over and still giving it to these young guys!
Comment from : Showtime Mike

Jakub Bielak
Vince looks like Gordie Howe of basketball. Favorite NBA player ever. 💪
Comment from : Jakub Bielak

Honestly without the beard, if he puts on the calf sleeve and elbow sweat band he'd look no different than he did in 2001.
Comment from : 286mic

Gray _
Same spot for every shot lmao
Comment from : Gray _

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